Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the values of TSP?

B - Boldness

I - Integrity

C - Community

E - Excellence

P - Personal Care

2. Where is TSP located?

111- 171 East Liberty, Toronto, M6K 3P6

3. Can I use my insaurance coverage?


Yes - you will receive an invoice receipt upon each visit that can be claimed by contacting your insurance provider. We recommend calling your insurance provider to figure out your coverage before your initial visit. If you have more questions please contact us. 

4. How many sessions will it take for me to get better?

Every client is different. There are many factors that play a role into how each client responds to treatment. Exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, past injuries, stress levels are just some of the things that play a role. Our belief and goal, is to get you results after just one session, however most clients require between 4-6 treatments. For more chronic and longer lasting issues, anywhere between 8-15 treatments may be needed depending on response to treatment. 

5. What should I bring with on my first visit?

We ask that you come in loose fitting clothes (T-shirt and Shorts) and to bring any past relevant medical documentation (ex. X-ray, MRI, medications etc).